The highly-anticipated OlaBola The Musical will finally premiere on February 8, at the newly-renovated Istana Budaya. The show is a long-standing effort by Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina, who makes her first mark as the director of the screen-to-stage adaptation of OlaBola. In the meantime, we get up close and personal with the full cast behind this most inspiring Malaysian sports movie.

1. <strong>Iedil Putra, as Rahman</strong>

Iedil Putra is a name known by many. The actor started his performing arts experience in 1994 as a pioneer member of Tunas Budaya. He has been seen in various TV shows and movies. Some of his more notable works being Interchange, Terbaik Dari Langit, Pekak and also J Revolusi.

No stranger to the theatre, Iedil has been involved in productions such as Another Country, Nadirah and is best known regionally for playing the role of Hafiz in the Instant Café Theatre production Parah – a play about racial tensions in multi-cultural Malaysia. He is also a member of the award-winning sketch comedy group, Projek Disko Baldi and does comedy improv with AIIA Improv.

Follow Iedil Putra on Instagram, and Facebook.


2. <strong>Muhd Luqman Hafiz, as Ali</strong>

Luqman is a leading actor who made a name for himself in the 2016 box office hit OlaBola in which he played the leading role of Ali. Luqman has always been passionate about football and even earned the title of “Best Player” in the YB Khairy Jamaluddin Football Cup in 2014.

Since scoring his first acting role in OlaBola, the actor has held leading roles in various TV shows such as Megat Extend and telemovies such as Bayang.

His Instagram handle is @luqmanhafidz10, while his Facebook page can be accessed here


3. <strong>Brian Chan, as Tauke</strong>

Brian Chan (Tauke) started out as a member of the ensemble for Dato' Faridah Merican's restaging of Uda dan Dara in 2015. He then went on to play the lead roles in Five Arts Centre’s Cheras The Musical! and Pan Production’s Always in Wonderland in his first year of professional acting debut alone.

Although musical theatre is his foundation, the young and ambitious actor has a wide range of experience from ensemble work, physical theatre, comedy, and experimental and dramatic lead roles in productions such as Antigone and Enfiniti Academy’s Aladdin Reloaded. He kicked off 2017 by securing a leading role in the Chinese masterpiece, Thunderstorm and was also nominated as one of Cleo’s Hot 50 Bachelors.

In addition to securing a role in OlaBola The Musical, he is currently prepping himself for his first movie debut in 2018 as well as undergoing training as a radio announcer on FlyFM.

His Instagram handle is @thechanmaster.


4. <strong>Abimanyu Masilamani, as Muthu</strong>

Abimanyu is an award-winning Malaysian stage actor and vocalist specialising in R&B, soul and Classical Indian music. The multi-talented actor has appeared in various theater and musical productions, movies and music videos.

He has played significant roles in notable local productions such as P Ramlee The Musical, Seussical The Musical and Sand The Musical in which he won Best Performance in a Leading Role at the Boh Cameronian Arts Awards in 2016.

Follow Abimanyu on Instagram here.


5. <strong>Kai Chalmers, as Eric</strong>

Kai is an up and coming singer/songwriter and actor currently based in KL with performing arts roots. Having graduated from The Arts Educational Schools, London with a BA in musical theatre, Kai has participated in several shows including playing ‘Meng' in MUD: The Story of Kuala Lumpur which ended its run in April, 2017.

Apart from performing and writing music, Kai enjoys tap dancing and writing/developing comedic sketches.

He is on Instagram as @kaichalmerss.


6. <strong>Lim Jian Wen, as Ong Tiam Cai aka Ah Chai</strong>

Jian Wen will be reprising his memorable role in OlaBola The Musical. The actor has wasted no time in launching his acting career since the film, having acted in local TV shows such as Into Phoenix and The Men In Black School.

Jian Wen has also been involved in stage performances such as Astro’s “CNY Countdown Show 2017”.

Follow Jian Wen on Instagram here.

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7. <strong>Stephen Rahman-Hughes, as Coach Harry Mountain, and the special movement choreographer</strong>

Having grown up in Germany and England, Stephen was trained at the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance and later founded his own dance company, Red Rain Dance Theatre. The talented performer has since established his status as a multi-award winning choreographer having danced at the Royal Opera House and La Scala in Milan.

As an actor, he has starred in Andrew Lloyd Webber's smash hit show Bombay Dreams in the West End, played Chino in the tour of West Side Story and appeared in TV shows such as Bad Girls and Dream Team to name a few.

Closer to home, the British-Malaysian actor played one of his most memorable roles as Hang Tuah in the award-winning Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical, where he was required to learn Malay from scratch – and a few years later played Merong in local epic action film Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa.

Stephen is on Instagram.


8. <strong>Ahmad bin Abdul Rahman aka Altimet, as Drill Sergeant Ahmad</strong>

An award-winning rapper, live entertainer, songwriter and producer, Altimet is recognised as one of the movers and shakers in the entertainment industry as well as one of the “individuals who are shaping Malaysia” (August Man Magazine 2010 issue). This recognition is an attribute to his long and illustrious career in the Malaysian media industry that has seen him break records, bag awards and bust pop charts with a staggering seven #1 hit singles.

Not only will Altimet is co-lyricist of OlaBola The Musical, but he will also be playing the role of Drill Sergeant Ahmad in the musical.

His Instagram handle is @altimet.


9. <strong>Douglas Lim, as&nbsp;Tauke Kopitiam</strong>

Douglas Lim first found fame following his stint in the local English sitcom Kopitiam, which premiered on ntv7 in 1998. He played Steven, the hairstylist alongside big names in the performing arts scene including Joanna Bessey, Lina Teoh, Rashid Salleh, Tan Jin Chor and Mano Maniam.

Lim is now primarily a stand-up comedian, having performed shows such as “Eh, Got Free Ticket Ah?” at Actors Studio, Bangsar, Comedy Club (KL, Penang & Singapore), Harith Iskander’s Nationwide Tour, PJ Laugh Festival and many other shows for his very own Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians.

Douglas Lim is also a man of many other talents, acting both on screen and stage in widely known productions such as 1957-Hati Malaya and Tanda Putera. The actor has also been involved in stage productions such as Lat The Musical, P.Ramlee The Musical and Tunku The Musical and Broken Bridges.

However, what many may not know about the comedian is that he is also an accomplished lyricist and composer having written scores for productions such as Reality, Ghost, Cuci the Musical and even winning Best Original Score for Kopitiam at the Malaysian Video Awards in 1998.

Catch the funny man on Facebook, and on Instagram.


10. <strong>Melissa Ong, as Mei Ling</strong>

She has hosted several TV shows such as Astro XTY Tong Tong’s Wonderland (2013-2016) and Fun Fun Camp (2013).

In 2014, Melissa began her journey as a singer, and has successfully debuted a single EP under a Malaysian girl band called Precious. Not new to performing, Melissa started ballet at the age of 3, and picked up musical instruments such as the violin, piano, harmonica and drum at the age of 5, and started vocal training at the age of 8.

As a dancer, Melissa is experienced in ballet, modern and traditional dance, Latin Dance, Hip Hop, martial arts, belly dance, jazz dance and Broadway dancing. She has been involved in dance projects such as Batu Dance Theater’s The Sunshine Project and Carmen and Paquita.

Melissa has also participated in several musicals such as Kita The Musical, Paper Crane The Musical, Sinbad, Uda & Dara and Broken Bridges.

Reach out to her on Instagram, at @melissaissinging_.


11. <strong>Emma Tosh, as part of the Ensemble</strong>

A professional dancer, Emma graduated with a Degree in Dance (Performance) from ASWARA in 2016 majoring in contemporary dance. Emma started off dancing Modern Jazz and Salsa. She became a Salsa instructor in 2008 and performed in various festivals throughout the years. She has been performing professionally since the age of 14.

She has worked with Linda Jasmine, Joseph Gonzales, Suhaili Micheline, Naim Syahrazad, Arliana Mansor among others and has been a backup dancer for performances is Asia’s Got Talent.

Emma is currently working on her first film, Motif by Wayang Works set to premiere in 2018.

Hit her up at @emmaatosh.


12. <strong>Mohammad Faridh Mohd Yasin aka Khenobu, as part of the B-Boy Crew</strong>

Khenobu is a professional dancer and one of Malaysia’s most renowned B-Boys, having placed first in Battle of the Year Malaysia 4 years consecutively and winning the title of best B-boy for the competition 5 years in a row. Khenobu is also the two-time champion of Red Bull BC One.

His strength lies in his power moves combined with amazing footwork and tricks, earning him the nickname Khenobu (Khef for hometown in Kota Kinabalu and Nobu after a famous ninja known for his speed).

While making a living as a full-time dancer is not most people’s first choice for a career, Khenobu has no qualms in making it his profession, showcasing his talent while outshining his opponents on international platforms.

He was named Astro Battleground All Star Overall Champion at the dance competition, Astro Battleground 2014. His team, Fearless, also took home the coveted title, 2014 Astro Battleground Champion.

Check him out on Instagram.


13. <strong>Weiskarnain Yasin aka Wes, as part of the B-Boy Crew</strong>

Wes is currently a member of the Giller Battle Crew.  He is a full time dancer specialising in b-boy and hip-hop dance.

Wes has represented Malaysia in Battle of the Year Southeast Asia from 2004 to 2017. Wes and his dance crew, Dem Lepak Boyz won the 8tv Showdown in 2012. 

He is reachable on Facebook


14. <strong>Muhammad Rizwan aka Juicy, as part of the B-Boy Crew</strong>

He has been breakdancing  since the tender age of 11. Today, Juicy has built a name for himself as one of the hottest competitive dancers around town. His enormous talent has led him to bag a number of awards over the years – Juicy has championed 389 competitions in a decade. He is not only Malaysia’s most-loved and most influential b-boy but he’s one of the most respected in South East Asia.

Highly-trained in all forms of street dance, his forte is breakdancing or simply, b-boying. A b-boy vested with clean, controlled and strong techniques, Juicy has reigned champion in dance competitions such as Tawau’s Got Talent (2017), Battle of The Year Malaysia (2014), R-16 Korea (2013) and 8tv Showdown 2012.

Follow him on Instagram here.


15. <strong>Muhammad Fazrin Zainuddin, as part of the Hip Hop Crew</strong>

Perhaps more popularly known as Fuzz Wayne, he was a member of dance team ‘Elecoldxhot abbreviate to ECX’. When he was a member of the team, EXC went on to win Astro Battleground 2008, Suntec Dance 2011, and also 8TV Showdown (2011).

Fuzz Wayne also took home the bronze medal at the 2013 Hip Hop International Adult Division World Hip Hop Dance Championship Finals that was held in Las Vegas. 

He is currently a choreographer at 1Dance studio where he teaches hip-hop. Fuzz has had years and years of experience in dance and choreography and is also an assistant choreographer in OlaBola The Musical.

He is on Instagram as @fuzzwayne.


16. <strong>Kalairasan Sivalingam, as part of the Hip Hop Crew</strong>

Kalai has trained intensively in ballet, contemporary, lyrcical jazz and several different styles of hip hop. The professional dancer has over 7 years of dancing experience.

Kalai was a company member in Big Dance Centre (New Delhi , India). He was featured and has assisted in numerous Indian music videos like “Blue Eyes”  and “Love Dose” by Yo Yo Honey Singh as well as Ayda Jebat’s music videos for her songs “Mata” and “Pencuri Hati”

Kalai also has a hand in choreography, having choreographed for the likes of Aisyah Aziz for her performance at Anugerah Planet Muzik 2016. 

He is known on Instagram as @kalaithedancerman.


17. <strong>Farhi Alushi, as part of the Hip Hop Crew</strong>

Farhi is a 23-year-old professional dancer, who has been dancing since the age of 13 but went professional when he was 17.

The dancer has Joined and won several competitions  such as Astro Battleground and 8TV Showdown, where his dance crew placed third. He has also been involved in choreography for several projects such as Citrawarna 2014 and Isyana Sarsvati’s “Kau Adalah” music video.

Farhi is no stranger to musicals as he has been a part of the ensemble for Chow Kit Road The Musical. Supermokh the Musical and Supermokh The Musical 2.

Follow him on Instagram here.

*Ola Bola The Musical will be running from February 8 to March 11 at Istana Budaya. For more information on the show, and ticket price, visit OlaBola The Musical's website

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