Cover Here are the galleries you shouldn't miss at Fine Art Asia (Photo: Soluna Fine Art)

Not sure which galleries to check out at Fine Art Asia? We’ve rounded up some of the best galleries you shouldn’t miss

Fine Art Asia 2021 officially kicks off on October 8 until 15 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Despite the pandemic, the fair is able to exhibit artworks from 70 galleries, in a bid to once again unite the Hong Kong art community in a rare physical art fair and to raise the spirits of exhibitors, gallerists and attendees.

This year, the galleries will showcase art and antiques from both East and West, presenting museum-quality fine art spanning 5,000 years of cultural history. Not sure which to visit out of the 70 galleries? Read on to find out which ones you shouldn’t miss.

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1. Rossi & Rossi

This family-founded and led gallery has been a pioneer in developing contemporary Asian art. Rossi & Rossi has locations in both Hong Kong and London, allowing for greater attention to Asian art in the West and vice versa.

They are showing Himalayan and Indian antiques and works of art at the fair. They will also present contemporary works by US-based Tibetan artist, Tenzing Rigdol.

Location: Booth E1, E3

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2. Rasti Chinese Art

Rasti Chinese Art’s work specialises in Asian antiquities but also contemporary art that engages with classical artworks from China's past.

For this year’s fair, the gallery curates an exhibition from the renowned Kirknorton Collection of Chinese jades and bronzes. They were published in 1995 and have since been rarely seen.

The main theme of the collection is animal carvings dating back almost 3,000 years.

Location: Booth C10

3. Andy Hei/Nicholas Grindley/Pine's Art

This year’s Fine Art Asia marks a unique collaboration between two (three, counting the paintings) overseas galleries exhibiting remotely due to travel restrictions.

Andy Hei in Hong Kong, which specialises in classic Ming and Qing Chinese furniture teams up with Nicholas Grindley in London in the same category. Their exhibition is complemented by contemporary ink paintings from Pine’s Art in Taipei and Shanghai.

Highlight pieces include a huanghuali waistless painting table with a spandrel shaped apron from the late Ming Dynasty from Andy Hei; a huanghuali document box of truncated T-shape from Nicholas Grindley; and Tung Chaio’s Seven Word Verse Fragment from Pine’s Art.

Location: Booth D2

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4. Tanya Baxter Contemporary

Gaining notoriety for showcasing interesting international contemporary art, Tanya Baxter Contemporary is based in both Hong Kong and London. Since its opening in Hong Kong in 1995, it has curated exhibitions featuring the world’s greatest artists.

At this year’s fair, they are exhibiting modern British artists such as Lucian Freud, Frank Auerbach, Sean Scully, Francis Bacon, David Hockney and Tracey Emin. Emin’s You Were Everything is one of the highlight pieces.

Location: Booth A8

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5. Chelsea Art

Chelsea Art is one of the leading fine Chinese art galleries, with representation both in Hong Kong and Shanghai. They are known for promoting and exhibiting some of the most significant Chinese artists of the 20th century.

True to that, Chelsea Art is showcasing a solo exhibition by Shanghai artist, Hong Jian, whose highlight piece is an ink and colour on paper work titled, The Shanghai Story, Anfu Road.

Location: Booth D5

6. Ora-Ora

Ora-Ora in Hong Kong has always been at the forefront of showcasing globally-sourced artists who are thought-driven innovators. These creatives interpret history and philosophy in order to bring fresh perspectives to today’s world and build dialogue between East and West.

This year, they are presenting the works of Spanish artist Cristóbal Gabarrón. His sculptures this time are made from polychromed fibreglass.

Location: Booth C3

7. Soluna Fine Art

Soluna Fine Art, considered a pioneer in Asian fine art in Hong Kong with roots in South Korea.

They are exhibiting works from renowned Korean artists such as Kim Kuen-tai, Lee Gee-jo, Lee Kang-hyo, Song Kwang-ik as well as new works by Kim Duck-yong and Kim Joon-young—all forming an eclectic mix of fine artworks.

One of the highlight pieces is Lee Gee-jo’s moon jar, a distinctive type of porcelain originating from the late Joseon period. They were named after the moon as their shape resembles that of a full moon.

Location: Booth C8

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8. NFT exhibitions

One of the biggest highlights at this year’s fair is the special exhibition of NFTs—the first major fine art fair to host one.

The exhibition is divided into three parts, first is a charity co-operation with HK01 which pays tribute to Hong Kong's athletes, coinciding with the Tokyo Olympics. Here, 10 NFT works are presented, each features special moments for the Olympians. All of the proceeds will be donated to the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong to support Hong Kong athletes.

The second exhibition aims to make antiques more accessible to the public through NFTs. Comic artist Jerry Cho and artist, Step C both created NFT artworks based on the theme of the art and culture from past Chinese dynasties.

The last exhibition is called Crystal Clear where NFTs can be exchanged for physical jewellery pieces made by actress, Crystal Fung Ying Ying. The bracelets are limited edition and represent the three stages of life.

Location: Special Exhibition area

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