Cover Photo: Majestic Theatre

The northern state capital is not just a street food hub; it's a cool city deserving of CNN Travel's praise as one of the best destinations for an Asian experience. Here are five creative spaces that prove our point:

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Loft 29

Located in Lebuh Gereja, one of the earliest streets in George Town, Loft 29 used to be the warehouse of an office supply company. Today, it's an industrial aesthetic - think bare brick walls and vast open space - makes it one of the coolest spots to hold everything from a rock concert to a wedding.

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Hin Bus Depot

After World War II, the British government awarded Hin Company Ltd licence to operate public buses on the island in a bid to revive George Town. The Hin Bus Depot was built to house and maintain these buses. Its Art Deco architecture made it stand out from among the Victorian and Georgian houses in the vicinity.

The depot closed its doors in 1999, and was abandoned for years until mural artist Ernest Zacharevic reintroduced it to the public when he held his Art Is Rubbish Is Art exhibition here in 2014. Instead of letting it sit in ruins after the exhibition, Ernest worked with his sponsor Tan Shih Toe to turn the space into a bustling arts hub.

There's now an art gallery, a cafe, a clothing shop, a yoga studio, a soda shop and even a speakeasy. For events, it has an outdoor deck for concerts and theatre performances, the Instagrammable mural garden for exhibitions, bazaars and smaller performances, as well as a manicured lawn for picnics and wine tastings. 

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Averie Hous

Averie Hous is a lovely bungalow that sits on 22,000sf of lush greenery complete with a green house dining room. Hailed as one of the best venues in Penang for a fairy tale outdoor wedding, foodies also flock here for the picturesque afternoon tea sets that comprise delectables such as cempedak macarons and durian puffs. 

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Majestic Theatre

When it opened in 1926, the Majestic Theatre was the first cinema in Penang to screen the "talkies" - or movies with speaking dialogues. A nostalgic site for many of the older Penangites, it was such a popular family destination that hawker stalls mushroomed all along its street. 

Abandoned for more than a decade, a property developer revived it into an events space, but not before it was used as one of the filming sites for Saw Teong Hin's semi-autobiographical Hokkien drama, You Mean The World To Me. The building retains its old world charm but amplified with state-of-the-art facilities.

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Black Kettle

Apart from the delicious baked goods and aromatic coffee, the second floor of Black Kettle is fast becoming a favourite spot for hosting events in an intimate setting. With pretty fairy lights and a charm of an old heritage shophouse, the cafe has a cosy atmosphere for inspiring creatives.

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