The Zaha Hadid-designed Morpheus Macau hotel made headlines last week with its grand opening, but it wasn't just its external, exo-skeleton appearance that impressed. Inside of the City of Dreams Macau complex is a curated collection of ever-changing contemporary art by international names including KAWS, Charles Petillon, Erwin Wurm and Shinji Ohmaki. Take a walk with us to discover these must-see artworks:

Good Intentions by KAWS

Standing almost two stories high, KAWS has created a larger-than-life sculpture using his favourite characters to represent the relationship between parent and child.

Fat Convertible by Erwin Wurm

Big is beautiful, as evidenced by Erwin Wurm's famous Fat Car sculptures. This real-life Porsche has been plumped up with polyurethane foam and styrofoam to look incredibly cute and bulbous.

Echoes Infinity by Shinji Ohmaki

Located in the hallway between Morpheus and the House of Dancing Water, Japanese artist Shinji Ohmaki has reimagined Morpheus' human traffic in various shapes of local plant-inspired patterns in his signature, colourful way.

200 LITOFAIRHOUR by Charles Petillon

The first permanent installation by French photographer Charles Petillon takes the form of a huge cluster of white fabric bubbles suspended at six metres high to represent a giant cloud.

9 Seas by Mathieu Lehanneur

Using ceramic discs as his canvas, Mathieu Lehanneur has replicated the surface of the sea in nine different oceanic colours.

Wild Pansy by Jean-Michel Othoniel

Suspended in mid-air at the entrance between Nuwa and Morpheus, this gigantic knot made of silver glass pearls is beautiful, reflective and a feat of geometry.

"I am busy today" & "Look at me!" by Paola Pivi

Looking down upon Morpheus' retail offerings, these two foam bears covered in shocking pink and royal blue feathers are given anthropomorphic traits to remind us of just how similar we are to animals.

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