Here's how your 2020 will go based on your Chinese zodiac sign according to Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua

Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua shared what’s in store for the 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs this Year of the Metal Rat in an early celebration anticipating the Chinese New Year hosted by Marco Polo Ortigas Manila.

According to Master Hanz, the year 2020 is a good year for new beginnings since the Rat is the first sign among the 12 animal zodiac signs. This means it is the perfect time to start something new — join organisations, open a business, try a new hobby, or start a new career.

Master Hanz also emphasised the presence and balance of the five fundamental elements — wood, fire, earth, metal, and water — in the 2020 chart. He expressed that the year is generally good and lucky as there will be more opportunities for everyone.

Do you want to know your luck this year? Here are Master Hanz Cua’s predictions for each of the 12 animal zodiac signs:

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Wealth: Although it’s their year, the year 2020 will not be all lucky for the Rat — except in the wealth section. Master Hanz says avoid scam practices and start investing in property insurance.

Career: There will be delays in your job but there will be support coming from your boss according to the Feng Shui master.

Love: He also emphasises that there will be love quarrels and misunderstandings on your way, so he advises the Rat to learn how to remain calm and control temper.

Health: It is also high time to invest in health insurance. He also advises the Rat to take care of the liver, gallbladder, feet, and arms.

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Wealth: The Ox is lucky in wealth this year. Master Hanz says that this year is perfect for investing in stock market to expand your wealth.

Love: There is luck in romance this year. The Feng Shui master tells the Ox that this year is a great time to get married.

Health: Take care of your liver. Be watchful so that former illnesses will not come back.

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Wealth: According Master Hanz, the Tiger is the luckiest sign for the year 2020, similar to last year.

Career: It is a great time to travel and start new adventures this year based on the star alignment. 

Love: Master Hanz says that the Tiger is also lucky in finding love this year.

Health: The Feng Shui master also advises the Tiger to travel often to improve health.

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Wealth: The Rabbit is not the luckiest this year. However, they are still prosperous this 2020.

Career: According to Master Hanz, there will be strong support from your boss and luck in your career. He advises the Rabbit to avoid bad luck through staying away from jealous people.

Love: Relationship issues like cheating and betrayal will occur. The Feng Shui master advises those in a relationship to take it to the next level and avoid third-party relationships. 

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Wealth: Luck in wealth is on the Dragon's side this year because of the heavenly wealth star.

Career: The Dragon will prosper in work, according to Master Hanz. He advises that 2020 is a great year to expand business.

Love: Master Hanz also tells Dragons to find love because there is strong success in romance this year.

Health: The Feng Shui master says you should take care of your lungs, large intestines, and bones.

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Wealth: Master Hanz says this year is a recovery year for the Snake since 2019 was not a good year. There will be new opportunities this 2020.

Career: This is the perfect time for the Snake to recover from last year’s delays, says Master Hanz. 2020 is also a good year for expanding business.

Love: There's a love star in the Snake's chart for 2020. Master Hanz says it is the perfect time to find love.

Health: Be watchful of illnesses related to pneumonia and constipation.

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Wealth: Master Hanz says 2020 is generally not a good year for the Horse, especially for wealth.

Career: It will also be a slow year career-wise.

Love: It is important to be grateful of your love life status, according to Master Hanz.

Health: Master Hanz tells the Horse to pay your doctor a visit every now and then because of the presence of an illness star. Take care of your digestive system as well.


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Wealth: According to the Feng Shui master, there will be an increase in the Goat's finances, sales, and savings.

Career: Aside from a luck in wealth, the Goat is also lucky career-wise. Master Hanz also emphasises that 2020 is a good year to take exams.

Love: Master Hanz says there is an appearance of a love star, meaning there is a luck in romance coming your way. The year 2020 is perfect for marriage of having a baby.

Health: He also stresses the need to take care of your legs, arms, and head. Watch out for head injuries. 

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Wealth: There’s luck in online ventures because there will be an increase in sales. The Monkey should be careful of theft and robbery.

Career: Master Hanz recommends you to be proactive and hands-on. Use social media as a platform of business.

Love: There is luck in love this year but watch out for third-party or short-term relationships, according to Master Hanz.

Health: Look out for illnesses related to asthma or the heart. Increase water intake because there are many fire-related elements present in the Monkey's chart this year.

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Wealth and Career: There’s high chances of having work opportunities abroad because of success star in the Rooster's chart.

Love: There’s charismatic star. There will be suitors but be careful of third-party relationships, advises Master Hanz.

Health: He also tells the Rooster to take care of your eyes, heart, and blood pressure.

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Wealth and Career: Master Hanz mentions that the money and prosperity stars are present in the Dog's chart. This means there will be an increase in savings and opportunities for business expansions.

Love: The Dog is lucky in romance this year. Master Hanz advises to start looking for love or a partner.

Health: Take care of your body and avoid abusing it. As much as possible, refrain from drinking alcohol, smoking, and staying up late.

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Wealth: Master Hanz says that the Pig will gain a lot of wealth during the months of February, June, and November of 2020.

Career: Your business ideas will prosper this year as well. Master Hanz advises prioritising water-related business.

Health: Master Hanz warns the Pig to watch out for diabetes or allergy-related illnesses.