Cover Colleen Yu (left) making eating lickable art look elegant (Photo: Affa Chan/Tatler Hong Kong)

Not only was the very special event fabulous, it was also a lot of fun. Let us take you inside...

There is absolutely no doubt that when a huge and extravagant event like M+ Gala Presented by Tatler takes place, there is often a lot interest in and attention focused on the beautiful red carpet moments, who were best dressed, who sparkled the most, what went behind the meal they enjoyed, and what incredible pieces of art did they see? Certainly, those are the moments that are the most memorable.

However, the moments that serve as a nod to all the hard work behind the scenes, by teams from the organisers a guest may not even be aware of, are captured in candid shots. An acknowledgement of a job well done can be seen from the fun atmosphere, the energy and joy from our guests, and the grins on everyone’s faces.

Slideshow: Smiles all around

Slideshow: Having fun with our food

Slideshow: Beautiful moments captured

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