There’s a new art phenomenon emerging. And it’s more than an ‘it’ artist or specific piece of work. It’s not even limited to a hip gallery opening or must-see exhibit. It’s much more. Introducing ART/VISA: the all-encompassing way to experience modern art in 2018. And, it’s a movement that wants you to take part.

Art meets cinema

Seeing art in a new mode, Portuguese company ART/VISA has created what’s called ‘cinematic preview lounges’. These are audiovisual art exhibitions, allowing artists and art collectors to showcase their collections to a worldwide audience—without having to move the art itself. 
With the world moving toward digitalisation, preview lounges are being set up at specific locations worldwide—from high-end hotels to art centres to public spaces—allowing artists to share their work with more people than ever before. 
The idea is to connect art to collectors in different parts of the world—from China to Dubai, the US and Australia—and to start conversations that lead to growth in the art world. And, in addition to appealing to art savants, being an investor is the next step, and you’ll get ownership of some of the world’s best modern art. Here’s what’s on offer.

Such an art-type

Having launched this year, ART/VISA is focused on a variety of art genres including contemporary emerging, mid-career and established artists, as well as 'secondary market' level works with a potential to be acquired in the future by museums.
Both local and international artists make up the repertoire. Whether you’re an art expert, aficionado or simply an aesthete with a taste for finer things, ART/VISA gives access to in-depth, ambitious art experiences. And this autumn, that access means Europe, via one of the most prestigious residency/investment programs to ever launch.

Europe calling

Under its new Golden Visa membership program, ART/VISA is giving both the experienced collector and investors curious about nurturing the visual arts the chance to obtain a coveted Golden Visa—a visa that provides European Union/Portuguese residency through investment and cooperation in artworks.
One of Europe’s most attractive developing art scenes, Portugal, which is rich in creativity and culture, will become your place of permanent legal residence, allowing travel across the Schengen region for all Golden Visa holders.
Visa recipients and new residents of Portugal, will also gain access inside knowledge about artists, collections and the industry social circles set up under ART/VISA. Plus, you’ll own and back some of the world’s most up-and-coming art and artists right now.
As an investor and Golden Visa holder, you will own shares in a collection, depending on the investment option chosen. There are three on offer: Starter, Advanced and Bespoke. ART/VISA will develop your ‘collection’ based on specific interests and inquiries as a reflection of your financial commitment; the more you invest, the more leeway you have.


And the money is put to good use. Investor funds acquire, commission, maintain, promote and increase the specific art collection, with the project outlay lasting three to eight months.
If you stick it out and continue to invest, you can acquire Portuguese citizenship after one year, in accordance with the applicable legislation. After 5 years you can obtain a permanent residence authorisation, meaning you’ll basically be European.

Become a member

As well as the aforementioned investor membership, ART/VISA does offer both participator and spectator memberships, which give access to purchasing and watching art cinema showcases, letting you choose what best suits you. ART/VISA makes it easy, so why not travel and explore and support creativity on global level. It’s an art-world, after all.
For more information on becoming an ART/VISA member and obtaining the Golden Visa, go to

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