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The Artling recently launched its curated art and design NFT collection. Check out the online marketplace of digital artworks and look out for these five artists taking the digital world by storm

As NFTs are gaining prominence in the global market, collectors now enjoy secure transactions of artworks sold with certificates of authenticity. Following in the footsteps of many leading brands worldwide, Singapore-based art and design consultancy and online gallery, The Artling, recently launched its very first NFT collection. This new curated online marketplace of digital artworks join the ranks of the gallery’s existing plethora of contemporary art and design works. 

Powered by Startrail, a leading blockchain infrastructure system, the new NFT vertical on The Artling’s online platform brings together artists from around the world to present their physical and digital NFT pieces together. Artists are now able to benefit from greater transparency and create their works with an entirely new medium. 

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The curated NFTs will drop online every two weeks, with digital artworks available for sale on The Artling’s online marketplace. Unsure of how to navigate digital wallets and cryptocurrencies? All NFT artworks will be available for purchase with fiat currency and no cryptocurrency will be required. This means that buying NFTs will be more accessible to a wider audience. 

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How to purchase

You can start purchasing your favourite artworks with just an email address. For starters, you'll have to purchase NFT Art at The Artling and look out for an email from Startbahn Cert to start your account registration. Subsequently, do check, view and download NFT Art on the Startbahn Cert dashboard. Finally, check your information in the Provenance field and you are good to go! 

The Artling prides itself on safe and secure transactions and only the issuer and artwork owner have access to the original file.

Take a look at the artists below. 

Françoise Chadelas

Parisian photographer Françoise Chadelas takes inspiration from nature and artists Sarah Moon and Denis Brihart. He creates photos that seek to engage the viewer.

The photo is for me a tribute to the Earth, a support for contemplation, the way open to escape, the dream; the magic of imperfection inspires me.
Françoise Chadelas

Roc Isern

Barcelonian architect Roc Isern captures stunning geometric shapes and patterns in his hometown. Filled with impressive architecture, Isern captures the city through the geometry and symmetry of its buildings. He is also interested in the juxtaposition between person and superstructure to create interesting perspectives and additional dimension.

Daniel Fiser

London-based artist Daniel Fiser explores the idea of an abstract landscape through spatial experiences perceived without references to scale and direction. He combines traditional hand-drawing techniques with digital rendering tools to create large pieces of UV ink reliefs and light boxes in digital high-resolution animated loops. 

Stephen Battle

Listing Richard Tuttle and Joan Mitchell as his artist influences, New Mexico-based Stephen Battle received his MFA in painting from Texas Christian University and is now teaching college courses. He describes his works as conceptual abstraction and spiritual.  

Anna Onikiienko

Inspired by East Asian culture and folk art, Ukrainian artist Anna Onikiienko uses a mixed technique in her paintings, layering acrylic, oil, watercolour, and ink. Her artworks are often intuitive and do not follow a specific plan and structure. She notes in her artist statement that her work was inspired by life at a food market near a pho bo, or Vietnamese beef noodle soup, cafe.


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