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Get to know Filipino artists on Tatler’s Generation T list.

Tatler’s Gen.T Asia platform presents the leaders of tomorrow; with our annual Gen.T list, we profile the most high-achieving individuals in Asia under the age of 40 (at the date of publication). This continuously growing community is filled with entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, entertainers, athletes, tech and finance experts and leaders in a plethora of fields. 

Get to know these impressively creative artists on the Philippine Gen.T List.

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Martha Atienza

This contemporary and experimental filmmaker and visual artist produces magnificent installations. Martha Atienza’s works are recognised and celebrated around the globe. The Dutch-Filipina, who splits her time between both countries, is a two-time Ateneo Art Awards honouree and was one of the Cultural Centre of the Philippines’ Thirteen Artist picks. Her work has also garnered the Baloise Art Prize at Art Basel 2017 in Switzerland, and in the same year, she celebrated her first solo exhibition at the Mind Set Art Centre in Taipei City.

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Jana Benitez

Jana Benitez' vivid colours, energetic lines, and deconstructed facial features are inspired by her various experiences, including learning martial arts in China, camping in primitive conditions in New Mexico, and communing with nature in New Zealand. 

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Maïa D'Aboville

Having studied art and graphic design in Paris, Maïa is a recognised artist and the artistic director of Taverne Gutenburg in Lyon, France. This establishment is a special art centre that acts as a creative hub, known for hosting art residencies, galleries, exhibitions, art studios, and even houses a bar, too. The Taverne Gutenberg network consists of 17,000 members and over 400 participating artists.

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Olivia D’Aboville

This artist is inspired by nature - specifically, the ocean and the creatures that she grew up with. Olivia's unique predisposition to tactile art led her to textile design and resulted in her moving, breathtaking 3D creations. Her multi-media art is sculptural yet soft, organic and filled with movement. From textile, jewellery design, installations, and curating artworks, Olivia is truly a multi-hyphenate.

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Jay Yao Campos

Campos, a lauded artist, has always had the photography bug, capturing images since the age of 15. From a side hobby to a full-blown profession, this talent has been exhibited in Asia, Europe, Australia and North America. He works with mixed media but focuses on photography. To him, art is a means to connect with one another—an ideal way to express himself. “I love the endless possibilities,” Jay shares, as he continues to innovate and push boundaries. 

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Lilianna Manahan

Manahan is a whimsical designer who comes from an artistic family. The sheer originality of her aesthetic and staunch work ethic has propelled Lilianna into a trajectory of her own success. Through her eponymous brand and own atelier Studio Magee, she has created industrial designs, furniture, home accessories, sculpture and as of late, jewellery.

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Patricia Eustaquio 

The multi-medium artist is a mainstay at the Silverlens Gallery in Manila, but has also exhibited and taken up residencies worldwide. Eustaquio displayed a commissioned installation at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris in 2016. Additionally, her works have been featured in some of the most important events in the art world, including Art Basel Hong Kong and Art Taipei, as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design in Manila and Tyler Rollins Fine Art in New York.

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Leeroy New

Working in a variety of mediums, this artist allows his playful mind to speak through sculpture, fashion, street art and more. His conceptual, textural and often immersive practice has led him to do large scale installations and even product design. New iconically created the silicone bustier that Lady Gaga wore for Marry the Night and has shown in exhibitions throughout the globe such as Pintô International in New York, PDNE in Los Angeles, Palais de Tokyo in Paris and was part of the Singapore Biennale.

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Ryan Villamael

For an artist who believes in slow but steady, committed work, Villamael sure has created prolifically. His career highlights include participating in the Singapore Biennale 2016, Art Basel Hong Kong 2017, exhibiting at the MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum in Thailand, as well as the Biwako Biennale in Japan. He is celebrated for his intricate, conceptual and stunning sculptural works made from paper. 

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Eduardo Zobel 

This artist enjoys using acrylics, oils and spray cans. Painting, murals and photography are a few methods in which he expresses himself. He loves nature and being outdoors. As a surfer, the ocean plays a large role in fueling Zobel's creativity. 

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Dan Matutina

This graphic designer and illustrator is a vital part of the notable design collective Hydra Design Group and multidisciplinary design studio Plus63 (both of which he co-founded). Their clients include Apple, Google, Samsung, Wired, Coca-Cola and Uniqlo. From full-on brand design, strategy, design solutions and creating content for your needs, the creativity never ends. Matutina himself continues to create personal graphic artworks. 

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