We talk to DJ and vinyl collector, Shigeki Fukuda, about his thoughts on digital music, his favourite records, and why you should drop by the Back 2 Mono event this April 14, 2018.

Philippine Tatler: In the age of digitally enhanced mp3's, Spotify and Youtube, what sets vinyl music apart?

Shigeki Fukuda: It’s about the whole process. Physically, you have to go out, go to a record store, dig through stacks, and find what you’re looking for. You listen to the records that interest you. You see covers that interest you. You get what you want either way. You meet people, old friends, new friends, you share the music you've been listening to, and the ones you've just discovered, they share theirs too, you exchange. And the whole process starts again; you go back to the record store and dig again.

It’s like an addiction. In the age of digital data, it’s different to have something that isn’t that readily available, that you can actually feel with your fingertips. And I think it’s more fun that way.

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PT: Any tips for a person who wants to start collecting vinyl?

SF: It’s a silly question, because if someone wants to start collecting vinyl, then they would have been doing it already –which is to say, if one wants to, then one should just do it.

PT: Your top 5 albums/ records of all time?­


  • “The In Crowd” Ramsey Lewis Trio
  • “Winter in America” Gill Scott-Heron/Brian Jackson
  • “Zii e Zie” Caetano Veloso
  • “Totally Wired” V/A (Acid Jazz)
  • “Prose Combat” MC Solaar

PT: Favourite movie OST?

SF: “Reservoir Dogs”, 1992.

PT: What can visitors expect at the Back 2 Mono Event?

SF: There will be lots of rare records to see, listen and buy. Three record collectors from 3 different countries are setting up shop of their selection that best represents their tastes. A couple of other musicians are getting together for a flea market. A documentary about UK’s subculture movement from 50s to 90s by Don Letts will also be shown. And of course, it wouldn't be complete without the epitome of vinyl, an open-air after party. All in all it’s an event organised for people to come together for the love of dance music.

PT: Why do you think it’s still important to invest in vinyl?

SF: Vinyl is like having something good that's not readily available and not everyone can get a copy, but you have it — the physical version of it. Its like the real book over the Kindle version or a real friend over Siri.

And its not just about the music, its also about the album art, the edition, the pressing, the record label, its all these different narratives that come together that makes it such a rich and satisfying experience.

Shigeki Fukuda is the man behind “Back2Mono,” which will feature and celebrate premium Japanese-pressed vinyl, generally prized by audiophiles and collectors all over for their overall quality, both in sound and in sleeve-printing. Drop by on April 14 - 15, 2018 at The Alley at Karrivin Plaza for unique items and cool music. For more information, you may visit their Facebook Event page here.

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