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Now on its 14th year, the national art fair continues its onward and upward momentum with the theme 'Forging Futures'

Arts and culture evolve with the times. In ManilArt's celebration last year, the local arts industry witnessed an array of works online through 360-degree digital walkthroughs and 'augmented reality' copies of art pieces that were presented alongside original physical copies. For its 14th year, the National Art Fair continues with the theme 'Forging Futures' at the SMX Convention Centre on October 19 to 23, 2022.

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This year’s participating exhibitors are 371 Art Space, AC 388, Annual Sculpture Review, Art For Space, Artes Orientes, AT Art Gallery, Dry Brush, Espacio Manila, Galerie Artes, Galerie Du Soleil, Galerie Francesca, Galerie Raphael, Galleria Nicolas, G9 Online, Gallery Nine, Historia Arts, M Gallery MNL, Museo de Pacis, Philippine Art Nation, Pugad ni Art, Renaissance Gallery, The Artologist, Village Art Gallery, and Ysobel Art Gallery.

Below are things to watch out in this year's convention:

Going 'phygital'

The debut of the phygital on ManilART’s stage bridges the gap between digital and traditional spaces. Digital artworks are minted as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) which are valued as extensions or digital prints of the physical piece. Ownership of these NFTs is tied to the blockchain in the form of a crypto work that enables itself to be valued and traded in virtual art galleries and crypto markets.

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Learn about blockchain with Binance

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency platform, is set to hold educational talks during the art fair—opening the floor and expanding digital literacy not just to those with experience. Hearing insights straight from them will benefit both newbies and veterans alike. In particular, learning more about NFTs opens up a new realm of creation, trading, and supporting artistic work.

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Read the room with Vrady’s Joy United

We can expect this year’s iteration of ManilART to have more interactive surprises and booths in store. This year spotlights Joy United, an art installation by German media artist duo Juliana and Andrey Vrady that will explore and reflect the moods of fair-goers in real time. Machine sensors will “read” guests’ emotions, and run them through the artists’ software codes, and AI will generate an artwork based on the collective’s feelings—interpreted as vibrant lights and colour.

ManilART 2022 is set to run from October 19-23, 2022, at the SMX Convention Center, 3rd Level, SM Aura Premier, Taguig City. Call (0977) 807 3369 or visit for details.


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