Cover Photo: Alan Lo

An architecture graduate and co-founder of Classified Group, Lo serves on a number of art and culture nonprofits and museum committees, including Tate, SFMOMA, Serpentine Galleries, Para Site and Design Trust

What’s the best way to begin appreciating art?

There’s no right or wrong answer. Read a lot and go to see tonnes of shows. And talk to art advisors, curators and museum directors.

What are the essential art pieces to own for art collectors?

It really depends on one’s interest or focus but lately I like Sanya Kantarovsky. His subject matter is a bit dark but so poetic and painterly.

In the conversations you’ve had with artists or art collectors, which artist is the most widely discussed?

Though super-established, Beijing-based artist Cao Fei is still a big influence on many of the younger-generation artists. She recently opened shows at Centre Pompidou and Serpentine Galleries.

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Who is the most overlooked artist today?

Shinro Ohtake. He is an artists’ artist and is definitely overlooked.

How do you appreciate art?

You have to have an interest to start with. It’s nice when you have friends who also have the same interest so you can go to openings and see museum shows together. And do get into buying—start with emerging artists. Even if you make mistakes, it’s part of the learning process.

Who are Asia’s most important artists?

Firenze Lai and Wucius Wong from Hong Kong, Tomoo Gokita from Japan, Kim Yong-Ik from South Korea and Ming Wong from Singapore.

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