Before the movers and shakers of the global art world descend upon Hong Kong for Art Week, let's take a minute to acknowledge some of our city's upcoming and popular artists.

From illustrators to sculptors and painters, follow these local talents on social media to get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes of their artistic creations, and to find out how Hong Kong inspires them:

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Stanley Wong

Hong Kong Tatler August cover star Stanley Wong is no stranger in the art world. Widely known under the pseudonym "anothermountainman", Stanley's work can be seen at some of the city's most groundbreaking exhibitions including the recent Chanel "Mademoiselle Privé" event.

He only created his Instagram account this year, but there is no doubt his feed is one to keep an eye on. 

Follow him at @anothermountainmanstanleywong

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Wong Ping

As a video artist who uses the subject of sex as a means to tackle social issues ranging from modern relationships to the pressures of big-city life, Wong Ping's Instagram is arguably less explicit.

Known and loved for his dark humour, Wong's quirky jokes offer a breath of fresh air and some seriously laugh-out-loud moments.

Follow him at @nowhynowhy

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Chris Huen

Chris Huen is an artist that specialises in applying a modern style of en plein air (French for painting outdoors) in his paintings of indoor scenarios. Drawn to capturing the more trivial moments in everyday life, Chris' kid and his dog are regular subjects in his artworks.

On his Instagram, they also make routine appearances in photographs, along with his wife.

Follow him at @c_huen

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Chloë Cheuk

If you've seen crystal-ball inspired installations overlooking the city's skyline, then you've seen Chloë Cheuk's work. Having impressed critics with her minimalism and conceptual art, she was the star of Asia Society's Hong Kong-themed exhibition last year.

On her Instagram, she takes her followers behind the scenes of her creations to get a more intimate look at her creative process. 

Follow her at @chloecheuk_

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Kacey Wong

Former architect and educator Kacey Wong transitioned into an award-winning artist to explore his creative freedom with his philosophy-inspired interactive sculptures that allow viewers to actively engage with his art.

Want to know where he gets his inspiration from? His Instagram page is a good place to start. You can also see his piece, Asteroids and Comets, in person at Hong Kong's Sculpture Park

Follow him at @kaceywong

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Adrian Wong

Graduate and post-graduate at Stanford and Yale respectively, Adrian Wong comes from a research psychology background where he specialised in young children. Heavily based on his research methods, Adrian's art comes in the form of installations, videos and sculptures.

Follow his Instagram feed for snippets of his work, but be prepared for a lot more animal-focused images and adorable photos of his newborn. 

Follow him at @adrianwonghy

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Chan Kwan Lok

Specialising in Chinese painting, Chan Kwan Lok takes inspiration from Chinese calligraphy and incorporates the technique into his artwork. A water sports enthusiast, Chan also uses water- and wave-like strokes as he adds a touch of modern life into his paintings.

His inspiration is evident on his Instagram, where he often shows the subject of his artwork and how he's immortalised them through his art.

Follow him at

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