“Macau is no longer just a gaming destination,” says Hong Kong's richest woman Pansy Ho. Through her latest project, MGM Cotai in Macau, Ho is determined to bring more cultural attractions to “Asia’s Las Vegas”.

Ho worked with Calvin Hui, art advisor and co-founder of 3812 Gallery, to curate a colossal collection of over 300 works that guests will be able to appreciate throughout the resort’s public spaces.

“After Pansy and I agreed on the curatorial direction and selection of artists, the entire process was smooth,” said Hui. “The art collection forms an integral component of MGM Cotai’s commitment to engage hotel guests, visitors, the local Macanese community and global travellers to enjoy the cultural diversity of the art collection.”

From antique carpets dating from the Qing Dynasty to sculptures by world-renowned artists, here are some artworks you shouldn't miss on your next visit to MGM Cotai:

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Wang Kaifang, <em>&infin; Harmony</em>

Invited by prominent couturier Guo Pei to create this monumental installation, renowned Chinese cross-media artist Wang Kaifang combined wind power elements and 3D printing to capture the movement of silk flowing in air.

The sculpture took the hard work of 80 craftsmen, who worked tirelessly for 100 days to transform 24 tonnes of stainless steel and 80,000 sheets of 24k gold leaf through 3 million hammer strikes and 1.8 million joints to weld. Suffice to say, it's a sight to behold. 

Location: The Spectacle

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Zheng Lu, Water in Dripping

Using steel as a major material, Zheng Lu created these sculptures to present the fluid movement of water, which challenges the contrasting concepts of movement and stillness, heavy and light. 

The Water in Dripping sculptures can either be suspended or laid on the floor, allowing gravity-defying waves of calligraphy twists to splash dramatically through the air.

Location: Hotel Lobby

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Chloe Ho, Mountain Beauty

Created by Gen.T lister Chloe Ho, who is known for experimenting with unexpected mediums, one will be able to find traditional Chinese elements of San Shui in this work, where a somewhat abstract image of a naked being implies the bared soul of the artist.

This work showcases Ho’s understanding of Chinese culture and—through her coffee infusion technique—her vitality and contemporary use of traditional skills.

Location: Tria Spa

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Xue Song, Eight Views of Macau

Within MGM Cotai's massive art collection is the more concise Chairman’s Collection, which features over 40 pieces of contemporary art from Asian artists selected by Pansy Ho. Through the theme “A World Linked Through Art”, the collection is rooted in oriental aesthetics with Western influences from 20th century modern and contemporary artists.

A commissioned work for MGM Cotai, this painting is one of a select few in the Chairman’s Collection. The set consists of eight visuals that feature iconic scenes of Macau and, during its production, the artist burned the printed materials collected in Macau and applied the ashes to the canvas, making it a piece that truly belongs to the city.

Location: Near Five Foot Road

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Hsiao Chin, Dancing Light 2016

Also featured in the Chairman’s Collection, this painting is inspired by the classic Chinese philosophy text “Tao Te Ching”, as well as Zen Buddhism and philosopher Chuang Tzu. This monumental piece was specially created to celebrate the opening of MGM Cotai, and is artist Hsiao Chin’s largest canvas work to date.

The painting demonstrates the status when all beings return to the origin of life, as the artist builds a metaphysical world with straight and curved lines to represent different energy flows, while circles and rectangles symbolise the sky and earth.

Location: Hotel Lobby

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Imperial Workshops of Xinjiang, Qing Dragons

Among the many ancient carpets throughout MGM Cotai, this Qing Dragons carpet is particularly special as it was created in the Qing Dynasty during the Yongzheng period (1722 – 1735) by the Imperial Workshops of Xinjiang.

The carpet featured highly sophisticated techniques such as asymmetrical knots, silk pile, gilded copper threads, and cotton warp and weft.

Location: Emerald Lobby

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Garth Williams, <em>Form Factor</em>

The massive art collection at MGM Cotai does not lack digital and interactive art pieces. Created by American artist Garth Williams, Form Factor explores the dynamic beauty of fluid in motion and of light shifting through time.

These phenomena are presented in ways that react with the physical shapes and dimensions of the LED displays, while depicting a sense of continuity as colours flow and synchronise through space.

Location: The Spectacle

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