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Meghan Markle is compassionate, courageous, and admirable—here are five reasons why we think so:

There are just too many reasons to love Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. But just in case you don't admire the Duchess already, we've culled five more reasons why she's one of our favourite royal figures today.

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1. She Is A Philanthropist

Meghan Markle always had a passion for philanthropy even before she became the Duchess. Her genuine dedication and interest in helping others is a notable quality that cannot go unnoticed. In fact, in 2014 she served as a Counsellor in One Young World Summits in Dublin, Ireland and Ottawa, Canada in 2016. She is also a Global Ambassador for World Vision and supported its Clean Water Campaign in 2016. Overall, Meghan consistently works with various organisations across Africa and Asia.

2. Meghan Is Unapologetically True To Herself

Meghan wasn't quick to forget who she was and did not change herself when she married into the royal family. Instead, Meghan stayed true to herself which gave us all these iconic moments to admire including her choice of fashion. Although the Duchess risks wearing outfits that are not typically donned by royals, she elegantly carries herself without completely disregarding traditions. Although she knew of the royal traditions, Meghan and Prince Harry didn't mind making things a bit more contemporary. The royal couple has broken a few traditions such as having a modern multicultural wedding, displaying public affection, and informally interacting with fans.

3. She Has Excellent Acting Chops

In case you didn't know—before Meghan became the Duchess of Sussex, she appeared in various movies and TV shows including Suits, where she rose to fame. If you watch some of the episodes she starred in, you'll come to admire her flair for acting and become attached to the story of her character Rachel Zane.

4. Meghan Is Not Afraid To Speak Up

At merely 11 years old, Meghan took a stance against gender equality. After noticing various sexist advertisements on TV, Meghan wrote letters to Hilary Clinton, Linda Ellerbee, Gloria Allred, and the company that aired the advertisement. Amazingly, all three of these notable women responded to her letters and the company made the necessary changes. She continues to speak up for what's right as she grew older—only this time on a bigger platform. In 2016, Meghan joined Justin Trudeau during the One Young World Summit. There, she spoke up about her concerns regarding the TV Show Suits and how she was often asked to shoot scenes featuring her character practically naked.

5. She Is A Certified Foodie

It's wonderful to know that Meghan loves and knows food. She knows how to balance a healthy and indulgent meal. One of her favourite dishes is chicken adobo cooked Filipino style since she is a "big fan of Sunday suppers." 

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