Your pets are going to love these cute, yummy, and healthy treats that you can get both from local and international stores:

You've been home for months and your pets have never been happier. But you can make them the happiest by giving them a little treat. Instead of feeding your furry pets their usual goodies, why not try these cute and healthy treats as a prize for being good, little, furry boys and gals:

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Cupcake Treats For Pets By Mister Fat Paws

Have you ever thought of sharing a cupcake with your furry friends but couldn't? Now you can give them a whole batch made by Mister Fat Paws. They bake cupcakes for pets using human-grade ingredients only. The cake base is made of chicken liver, flour, eggs, and virgin coconut oil, while the frosting is completely made of cream cheese.

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Custom-Shaped Bully Sticks By Barkery On 10th

These aren't pretzels nor braided bread. Barkery On 10th are selling these Bully sticks for your furbabies in custom shapes. You may give the Bully sticks as a treat for your pet in the shape of a heart, their birthday number, or even the logo of your favourite designer brand.

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Vanilla Dog Macarons By Bonne et Filou

Give your pet Vanilla Dog Macarons by Bonne et Filou for a long-lasting chew. You may choose from two flavours: vanilla and rose. These treats are made in small batches in the USA. Each box contains six macarons which are made with premium human-grade and natural ingredients and do not use any preservatives or food colouring. It's also corn-free and wheat-free.

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Cakes By Whole Pet Kitchen

Make your pet's birthday special by gifting them with cake. Show them how much you appreciate them by having a pet-friendly cake customised by Whole Pet Kitchen. The cakes are also made of virgin coconut oil and human-grade ingredients. It's also free of preservatives and synthetic food colouring. They only use food-colouring extracted from vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers. 

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Baked Treats By Lilo&Co

These homemade baked treats by Lilo&Co are healthy. There are many flavours to try such as Kalinaw, which is infused with Vitamins B and E, Puhon which can be good for your pets' skin and coat, and Padayon which is made with Vitamins A, B, C and K, iron, fibre, and beta carotene. These healthy goodies can definitely help boost your pets' immune system.