Cover Piolo Pascual in 'On the Job' | Photo: YouTube

It's time to update your to-watch list, so we've listed down five Asian films you need to watch from drama to comedy:

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Bad Genius (2017)

Nattawut Poonpiriya's Bad Genius is a Thai heist movie that is set in a prestigious high school. The straight-A student named Lynn devises schemes—depicting the possibility of a genius student crafting brilliant cheating techniques and methods to pass major exams. But while this thriller tackles the subject of cheating, it also portrays class and social issues. 

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Poetry (2010)

Directed by Lee Chang-dong, Poetry is a Korean film. Grab your box of tissues as you accompany Mija, who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Despite the early onset of her disease, she takes her notebook to write poetry.

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Hello Ghost (2010)

A hilarious film like Hello Ghost, directed by Kim Young-tak, must be added to your to-watch list. It's a great way to see life in a different way, particularly through the eyes of Sang-man. After failing to end his life, Sang-man begins to see four ghosts. These ghosts present the protagonist with their wishes, forcing him to fulfil their needs in exchange for solace.

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Article 15 (2019)

The critically-acclaimed Indian crime movie titled Article 15 which instantly became a hit in 2019 was based on a true story. Directed by Nattawut Poonpiriya, it portrays the country's current socio-political state, including discrimination on gender, caste, and race. But Ayan Ranjan, a graduate of a prestigious school in Delhi and police officer, seeks to challenge this soon upon his arrival at Laalgaon as the new Additional Superintendent of Police. Eventually, Ayan discovers the dark truth about the case of the missing girls from a local village.

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On The Job (2013)

On The Job is a Filipino neo-noir film by Erik Matti. Prepare for intense scenes that portray how prison inmates are hired by politicians as contract killers. Inspired by true events, this thriller will allow you to see Metro Manila from a whole different perspective.