Cover Homegrown artist, Amanda Heng (Image: STPI Gallery)

The National Museum of Singapore presents the city's public health history in an online exhibition, while STPI holds its annual special showcase, featuring the works of five Cultural Medallion recipients

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Shadow Earth

What Melbourne-based art photographer Emmanuel Tolentino Santos showcases 19 works that he has created in the past 10 years at Art Porters Gallery, nestled in one of the Peranakan shophouses along Spottiswoode Park Road. The works, which feature an astronaut as a symbol of progress journeying through earth's various landscapes, are hand coloured by the artist himself in a reference to an early photographic technique. The exhibition is open to the public daily, except Mondays by appointment. 

When Till October 11 

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(Re)Imagining The Image

What Eight contemporary artists from Southeast Asia, including Suzann Victor and Mangu Putra, come together in a group exhibition by Gajah Gallery to contemplate the history of the region's colonial past to present day. Drawing inspiration from a plethora of images—both personal and archival—the artists have reconstructed the original photographs that initially depict natural landscapes of their hometowns and lost histories of their countries, to critique their captured contexts. In doing so, audiences are also challenged to uncover the various meanings layered atop the altered images to discover notions of freedom beyond agendas of control during the colonial era. 

When Till October 11

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Every Body Plays a Part: A Showcase of Public Health Crises and Responses in Singapore

What Explore the lesser known parts of Singapore's history of public health in a digital showcase hosted by the National Museum of Singapore. Featuring a newly-commissioned photograph and 39 artefacts—of which 35 have not been showcased before—they form a narrative that highlights the efforts made to stem the spread of contagious diseases in the city. It also spotlights key individuals from the medical field such as Dr Lim Boon Keng and Tan Tock Seng, alongside public campaigns, introduction of vaccines and the creation of hospitals in our history. 

When From September 18 

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Korean International Art Festival 2020

What One of Asia's leading art fairs and Seoul's largest exhibition event in its arts calendar returns for its 19th edition, featuring works represented by both Seoul-based and international galleries under one roof. The event, which was originally scheduled to take place physically at the Coex Convention and Exhibition centre in Gangnam, South Korea, has moved its operations online for audiences to access digitally from all corners of the world. The exhibition catalogue will be available for download and viewing through the app store on September 23. 

When September 23 to October 18

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Shaping Visions

What The annual special exhibition in STPI—Creative Workshop & Gallery's arts calendar features five distinguished Cultural Medallion recipients in a group showcase, each tracing their personal reflections towards our evolving society. The artists, namely seminal performance artist Amanda Heng, renowned watercolour painter Ong Kim Seng, leading sculptor Han Sai Por, pioneering collage artist Goh Beng Kwan and the late master of Chinese ink Chua Ek Kay, will have their signature works produced during their respective residencies at STPI on exhibition—each executed with an expert command of media and materials. 

When September 27 to November 15