If you think you’re bored, check out what some other people have been up to.

Quarantine forces people into a lot of strange situations: one of which is the amusing way people are fighting off boredom. The trademark of 2020 invariably lies in technology and the ingenious ways in which people are utilising it. Everything from basic needs to entertainment and socialisation are now just a click of a button away for those of us fortunate enough to be at home. At a time as strange as this, we list down some of the funniest, zaniest, most amusing things people have been doing to keep themselves occupied online. 

Facebook Groups

Back in college, Facebook groups were simply used as a way for overworked class beadles to remind everyone of homework and tests. In the 2020 pandemic, Facebook groups are now being used as a way to entertain, to connect to others, to grow passions, even to date. 

With the growing popularity of very niche Facebook groups comes the advent of a whole new use for these social media tools. Mostly, it’s a way for people of similar interests or cultural backgrounds to connect over relatable memes, images, and content. Sometimes, it’s a useful tool for people who share the same hobbies: culinary enthusiasts sharing recipes online, bookworms offering literary recommendations, music lovers posting personal playlists. And other times, such as in trash talk groups, members rib at each other and joke about collective experiences and ideologies. 

In total, it’s an interesting online community of sorts that brings together people that have — in one way or another — some kind of shared experience. 


TikTok’s always been a little polarising. With a mixed bag of reviews — you either love it or you hate it — it’s undoubtedly become a social media giant. So big in fact, that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has partnered up with them to create a public page that provides people with trustworthy information during the COVID-19 pandemic. This only goes to show the versatility of this video platform and its millions of users. From content that ranges from interactive dances to duets to — now — news reports, it’s not surprising that TikTok has thrived during a time of quarantine.   


From Netflix parties to Zoom meetings, this quarantine has proven that social distancing does not mean social isolation. Some people have chosen to participate in online “e-numan” sessions, taking sips of wine or beer while talking to friends from further away. Others simply spend time talking online or watch movies.

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Dalgona Coffee

Cooking is the Internet’s latest flex during quarantine. You’ll find loads of handy online recipes for food that don’t require plenty of ingredients. One such example is dalgona coffee, a layer of foamy coffee mixture topped over milk. It’s a South Korean trend that’s exploded worldwide on Facebook, on Instagram, and — you guessed it — on TikTok. With only four ingredients — hot water, sugar, instant coffee, and milk — it’s a fun and easy way to pass some time over breakfast.

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