A young law student with a red sports car, a humble driver’s son, a determined English teacher and a history professor take you through a journey of Malaysia’s yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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Malaysia will be celebrating six decades of independence on August 31 this year. In the years leading to its 60th celebration as an independent nation, the country has gone through several phases of social, economic and political changes; some desirable others not so much.

Irrespective, the nation today is a proud confluence of cultures, races, languages, cuisines, religions and customs that has shaped the identity of a Malaysian citizen.

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 Before the country gets picked up in a frenzy of the Merdeka celebrations, here is a list of books for you to enjoy in some quiet and solitude – each a deep reflection of the nation’s growth in the years’ past and what we can expect the country to shape into the future.

Dialog: Thoughts On Tunku’s Timeless Thinking

dialog.jpg (original size)Dialog: Thoughts on Tunku’s Timeless Thinking is a major anthology book of Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia's first Prime Minister's endearing wit and wisdom and the responses of many contemporary Malaysians to it. The span of contributors who responded to the Tunku’s quotes range from politicians, rappers, actors, academics and sports legends including Tun Musa Hitam, Harith Iskander, Tun Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali and the cast of Ola Bola. With its range of unique and diverse contributors the book sparks a vibrant dialogue around Tunku’s timeless values.

A Driver’s Son

Author: Tan Sri Shamsuddin Abdul Kadir

a-driver's-son.jpg (original size)Called a rags to riches story in the foreword by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, A Driver’s Son documents the life of Tan Sri Shamsuddin Abdul Kadir as he created Sapura Holdings; one of the nation’s most successful corporate conglomerate. The book takes us chapter by chapter through Abdul Kadir’s life as he navigates poverty, war, civil service and makes his way to the top of business hierarchy. More than just a legacy of business, the book tells a story of family, humility, loss, gratitude and the richness of human spirit.

 T For Teacher

Author: Cheryl Ann Fernando

T-for-Teacher-cover-v3-OL.jpg (original size)Leaving behind her glamourous career in Public Relations, Cheryl Ann Fernando, went after her true passion: education. But then again, Cheryl isn’t your ordinary teacher- she’s extraordinary. T for Teacher is her latest publication where she vividly exemplifies on the hardships of teaching. Working in a kampung school in Kedah,Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Pinang Tunggal, her book highlights the cultural differences between city and rural life and a teacher’s determination in bringing out the best in her students.

Cheryl’s inspiring story as teacher has also been converted into a motion picture – Adiwiraku which has received nationwide critical acclaim.

I, KKK – The Autobiography of a Historian

 Author: Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim

I-KKK.jpg (original size)I,KKK – the Autobiography of a Historian; is a book documenting the personal life of a man whose very name is embedded in every history textbook. Leaving aside the history, the book takes us through various phases of Prof Emeritus Khoo Kay Kim’s life as he discovers his love for football and Tamil movies all tied together delicately at a time when the country was still in its infancy and trying hard to carve out its own destiny.

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