With art week coming up, it's time to celebrate the people working in the art industry in Hong Kong. As well as bringing art from around the world to the city, these gallerists often promote Hong Kong artists on the international stage. Here's a list of Hong Kong-based gallerists who have helped put the city on the art world's radar:

1. Pearl Lam of Pearl Lam Galleries

Pearl Lam is the Hong Kong-born founder of Pearl Lam Galleries—which has outposts in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore–and the China Art Foundation. Known for being as eccentric as she is erudite, Pearl is praised internationally for her work promoting contemporary and modern art in Asia. 

To find out more about Pearl Lam Galleries, visit pearllam.com

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2. Edouard Malingue of Edouard Malingue Gallery

Edouard Malingue is a French gallerist who founded his eponymous gallery in Hong Kong in 2010. Edouard opened his gallery with the largest solo exhibition of works by Pablo Picasso ever held in Hong Kong and is now heralded for his support of public art projects and his collaborations with curators from around the world. 

Gen.T lister Samson Young is one of the many artists Edoaurd Malingue Gallery represents. 

To find out more about Eduard Malingue Gallery, visit edouardmalingue.com

3. Calvin Hui of 3812 Gallery

Launched in 2010, 3812 Gallery was co-founded by Calvin Hui and is recognised as one of Hong Kong’s leading contemporary Asian art galleries. Calvin is also the chairman and director of Ink Asia, which he launched in 2015 to promote contemporary ink art around the region, and the co-chairman and director of Fine Art Asia.

Representing emerging artists like Chloe Ho and Qu Leilei, 3812 Gallery also organises exhibitions, cultural programmes, art fairs and collector’s events thoughout the year at their three-storey gallery space. 3812 Gallery is the only gallery in Hong Kong with its own garden, terrace, and private salon.

To find out more about 3812 Gallery, visit 3812cap.com

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4. Catherine Kwai of Kwai Fung Hin

Catherine Kwai is the founder of Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery and also a member of the board of trustees of the Lord Wilson Heritage Trust as well as the board of directors of Le French May.

Founded in 1993, Kwai Fung Hin focused in its early days on promoting European artists due to Catherine’s extensive knowledge of Western art history. In 1996, Catherine developed an interest in Chinese art as she began to travel to China to visit artist schools and studios more frequently, Kwai Fung Hin has since been specialising in Asian contemporary art.

To find out more about Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery, visit kwaifunghin.com

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5. Katie de Tilly of 10 Chancery Lane

The founder of Hong Kong based-gallery 10 Chancery Lane, California native Katie de Tilly is also one of the founders of the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association. Katie wanted to become an artist herself but was put off by the harsh criticism she received during her university years. After that, she decided promoting art was the best way to embrace her love of art. 

Katie opened 10 Chancery Lane more than a decade ago and it is now one of the most respected galleries in the Hong Kong. It focuses on promoting artists from around Asia-Pacific and represents talents including Hong Kong artist Frog King and Mainland Chinese sculptor Wang Keping.

To find out more about 10 Chancery Lane, visit 10chancerylanegallery.com

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6. Pascal de Sarthe of de Sarthe Gallery

Pascal de Sarthe is a French-born, American art collector and gallerist based in Hong Kong. He founded de Sarthe Gallery with his wife, Sylvie, in 2011. The gallery has cemented its reputation by specialising in the secondary market and dealing 19th and 20th century paintings and sculptures–an area many other local galleries had ignored. 

In 2014, Pascal opened a new space in Beijing with his son, Vincent de Sarthe, to focus on Chinese contemporary artists. The first exhibition there featured works by Beijing-born multimedia artist Zhou Wendou.

To find out more about de Sarthe Gallery, visit desarthe.com

7. Johnson Chang of Hanart TZ Gallery

A highly-regarded expert on Chinese contemporary art, Johnson Chang has launched the career of several renowned artists, including Zhang Xiaogang and Zeng Fanzhi. He is the founder and director of the Hanart TZ Gallery, as well as a guest professor at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou and co-founder of the Asia Art Archive

Founded in 1983, Hanart TZ Gallery is one of Hong Kong’s most established art galleries and was has been consistently groundbreaking in the way it explores and promotes Chinese culture.  Some of Asia’s most prominent contemporary artists are in the gallery's portfolio of artists, among them Chow Chun Fai and Fang Lijun.

To find out more about Hanart TZ Gallery, visit hanart.com

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8. Greg Mcnamara of McNamara Art Projects

Born in Hong Kong and schooled in the UK, Gen.T lister Greg Mcnamara is the young artrepreneur who founded McNamara Art Projects, an independent art consultancy and curatorial body that is committed to delivering quality art to the public.

With a focus on Western modern and contemporary art, McNamara Art Projects also provides guidance in shaping public and private collections around Asia. In November 2017, McNamara Art Projects transformed its Wong Chuk Hang offices into an exhibition-focused project space, which Greg hopes will become a must-visit destination for anyone interested in contemporary art. 

To find out more about McNamara Art Projects, visit mcnartprojects.com

9. Mimi Chun of Blindspot Gallery

As well as being a board member of Para Site, Hong Kong’s leading non-profit art centre, Mimi Chun is the founder of Blindspot Gallery, the first gallery in Hong Kong to focus on contemporary photography and the first major gallery to open in the Wong Chuk Hang district. Over time, the gallery has looked behind its initial focus and now features art made in a variety of media. 

The gallery represents both emerging and established artists, many of whom are from Hong Kong and Asia. The gallery's roster includes Ren Hang, Leung Chi Wo and South Ho Siu Nam.

To find out more about Blindspot Gallery, visit blindspotgallery.com

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10. Hanrietta Tsui-Leung of Galerie Ora-Ora

Not only is Hanrietta Tsui-Leung the founder of Galerie Ora-Ora – which is focused on contemporary ink, sculptures, and the discovery of emerging talents – she is also the founder and co-president of the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association, a non-profit organisation that helps local galleries in Hong Kong grow locally and internationally.

Hanrietta’s passion for art started when she was three, but she followed her father’s advice and went on to study Psychology and Economics at university instead of art. She later became a banker but was inspired by her entrepreneurship professor in her MBA programme to give up her banking career and start her own gallery.

Find out more about Galerie Ora-Ora at ora-ora.com

11. May Wong of Above Second

May Wong is the founder of Above Second, a gallery in Sai Ying Pun that specialises in urban art. On top of hosting gallery shows, Above Second pairs hotels and restaurant groups around Southeast Asia with urban artists. These artists then work on large, site-specific murals in these properties. 

Above Second also offers art classes to educate the public about art appreciation.

To find out more about Above Second, visit their Facebook page.

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