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Without saying a line, these clips from the 9th highest-rated drama in Korean cable television history convey the right messages across

Last night's finale of Vincenzo, which stars 57th Baeksang Arts Awards Best Actor nominee Song Joong-ki and actress Jeon Yeo-been, got viewers hooked to their seats up to the last frame. Throughout episodes 1-20, the series ranked consistently number one, earning its position as the 6th highest-rated drama in South Korean network tvN's history. And why not? The show, which revolves around an Italian mafia consigliere named Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong-ki), uses unpredictable storylines and unconventional cinematography that instantly capture the hearts of many.

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While Vincenzo has amazing lines and unique characters, one thing that deliberately makes it one for the books is the way it plays around the audience's emotions not by delivering wordy scripts, but by using simple gestures, expressive eye contact and meaningful facial expressions or events, that when put together, give a deeper understanding and appreciation of the story. Take a look at these scenes to see what we mean. Don't forget to listen to Vincenzo's soundtrack, too.

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1. Regrets. Hong Cha-young and Vincenzo both lose a parent; came a little too late

In the fourth episode, Hong Cha-young (Jeon Yeo-been) arrives at the place where her father, the lawyer Hong Yoo-chan who dedicated his life defending Babel victims, was murdered in a plot orchestrated by Choi Myung-hee (Kim Yeo-jin), a prosecutor-turned-private lawyer who represents Babel. Without saying a word, the scene pinched the hearts of the viewers as the chance for Hong Cha-young and her dad to finally reconcile disappeared in a snap.

Likewise, Vincenzo took time before he finally had the courage to admit to his mother, who was imprisoned and seriously ill, that he is in fact, his long-lost son Park Joo-hyung. More than that, you could see the pain he endures thinking that his mum died because of him. Have he not returned, she could have lived longer. A plethora of emotions--regrets, pain, anger--are rolled into a 30-second quiet scene with just his tears communicating. Heartbreaking.

2. Revenge. Jang Han-seok bathed in pig's blood

Episode 13 may be way too much for the fainthearted, what with the shower of porcine blood that suddenly came oozing out of the roof while Babel's CEO Jang Han-seok (Ok Taecyeon) gives a talk in front of a large crowd, leaving him dripping with liquid rouge and well, of course, humiliation. As he realises Vincenzo and Hong Cha-young are behind this sabotage, he threw them no words, just dagger stares that spell R-E-V-E-N-G-E. 

3. Connection. Hong Cha-young hugs Vincenzo "to test" her feelings for him

Following another near-death encounter with the devilish Babel group, Vincenzo and Hong Cha-young stay together until dawn for a makgeolli marathon. Drunk Hong Cha-young asks if she can hug Vincenzo to confirm if it will make her heart flutter again the way it did when she found him hurt hours before. She embraces him tight and while Hong Cha-young denies her true feelings for him, both their body language says otherwise. 

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4. Joy and forgiveness. Vincenzo and his eomma together alone for the first time

One of the most tearjerking episodes in this Korean drama is when Vincenzo, for the first time after he returned from Italy, spent a day out of the hospital with her real mother. Little did he know that his eomma is already aware that he is her long-lost son, whom she left in an orphanage in 1993. Vincenzo was then adopted by an Italian family. The touch and the tears convey two things: the emptiness they both felt through the years and the happiness of being reunited again. 

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5. Anger. Vincenzo's eyes burn with hatred

There is no doubt his mother is the most important thing to him and just when he was about to tell her about the truth that he is her real son, Vincenzo arrives at the hospital with his lifeless mum lying in bed. He is certain that Jang Han-seok and Choi Myung-hee are behind this. Determined to take revenge, he puts justice in his own hands and confronts them with a gun, his eyes bursting in flames. Really, if looks could kill.

6. Don't get hurt. The handshake at the airport

Hong Cha-young sends off Vincenzo to the airport as he needs to return to Italy to fix things for the Cassano family. Worried about his partner-in-crime, Hong Cha-young follows him inside the airport to tell him not to get hurt because "it will hurt her". Instead of a hug or a kiss typical of other romance dramas, she extends her hand and Vincenzo shakes it like sealing a deal—a promise to come back safe and sound.

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7. Loyalty. Hugs from Nam Joo-sung and Ahn Gi-seok

If Vincenzo has Luca as his most loyal driver and assistant in Italy, in South Korea, he has two top allies: Nam Joo-sung, a paralegal at Jipuragi Law Firm and Ahn Gi-Seok, a team leader of the Italian organised crime division in the International Security Intelligence Service. While a hug might seem too shallow, it symbolises how these two prove to be Vincenzo's most loyal friends who stayed with him come hell or high water. 

8. Validation. Jang Han-seo longs for a brother he has never had

Have you noticed how happy and at ease Jang Han-seo is when he is with Vincenzo as compared to when he is with her real half-brother Jang Han-seok? With the latter, his hair is always perfectly groomed, his suit so crisp and his moves always calculated. He has always been treated like a puppet, never a brother. With Vincenzo, he can genuinely have fun and just be himself. He's been asking Vincenzo if he can call him his brother, which finally happened in the heartbreaking finale, a few seconds before he breathed his last breath.


9. Love. Vincenzo kneels as Jang Han-seok hits Hong Cha-young

When Jang Hang-seok hits Hong Cha-young in the head and attempts to shoot her with a gun, the fearless Italian consigliere is seen kneeling down as if begging Jang Hang-seok to stop and spare his (unofficial) girl. For a brave consigliere to a mafia family who is capable of killing a person with his own lighter-flicking hands, falling on his knees and swallowing his pride must only mean one thing: love. 

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10. Fulfilled promise. Hong Cha-young meets Vincenzo again

When Vincenzo returns to South Korea for a day, he meets Hong Cha-young again after being separated for a long time. As they talk, they stare at each other with eyes glittering with love and happiness. As they kissed while John Park's song, I'm Always By Your Side plays in the background, they expressed their feelings for each other without dropping a line. How is it possible not to be in love?

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