The highly-anticipated Art Central has returned for its fifth edition and is taking place at the Central Harbourfront from March 27 to 31. Featuring 107 galleries from 22 countries, this year's fair is bound to be the talk of the town. As Art Central Hong Kong opens, we reveal 10 things not to miss when you visit

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Puerta Roja

Hong Kong-based gallery Puerta Roja is showcasing a mix of works by leading and emerging artists from Spain and Latin America at this exhibition centred around the concept of movement.

Among the works on show are Op Art by Franco-Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez, unconventional nature-inspired paintings by Chilean artist Fernando Prats, and bamboo installations by Laurent Martin 'Lo', alongside pieces by abstract artists Javier León Pérez and María García Ibáñez.

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Whitestone Gallery

Whitestone Gallery puts a spotlight on Japanese post-war art with an exhibition of works by artists from the Gutai movement, namely Kazuo Shiraga, Tsuyoshi Maekawa, Chiyu Uemae, Shozo Shimamoto and Yuko Nasaka.

Other works at the booth include paintings and sculptures by up-and-coming artists Miwa Komatsu, Yuuna Okanishi, Yuko Maruo, Ahhi Choi and Yuji Kanamaru. And don’t miss Tadaaki Kuwayama's three-dimensional pieces, which are being shown for the first time in Hong Kong.

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Over The Influence

Hong Kong-based gallery Over The Influence is bringing attention to works by leading street artists from around the globe, ranging from American contemporary graphic artist Shepard Fairey to tattoo artist Scott Campbell to LA-based Cleon Peterson, whose work reflects on contemporary life in the USA through the use of Greco-Roman imagery.

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The Columns Gallery

Indonesian visual artist Heri Dono is the subject of a solo show at The Columns Gallery’s booth at Art Central. Dono makes sculptures and installations, but is perhaps best known for his figurative paintings that incorporate traditional folk art and imagery to explore Indonesian society and politics. 

Check out the PROJECTS sector at Art Central to see more of his works.

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Gallery Hyundai

Galley Hyundai from Seoul is back with a line-up of works by acclaimed artists from Korea, including Dansaekhwa master Chung Sang-hwa, contemporary painters Seundja Rhee, Suh Seok, Seung-taek Lee, Shin Sung Hy, Minjung Kim, and kinetic artist Choe-U Ram.

With its mix monochrome paintings and experiential art, this booth highlights multiple aspects of Korean culture, spirituality and history. 

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Sundaram Tagore Gallery

Sundaram Tagore Gallery is showcasing works by multiple artists in its booth, but the highlight is undoubtedly an immersive, large-scale light installation by Pakistani-American artist Anila Quayyum Agha. 

To make this work, Agha laser-cut elaborate patterns into a metal cube, which she's then suspended from the ceiling and lit from within, so that the work casts detailed shadows on to the surrounding walls. These intricate shadows often reference spaces such as mosques, which Agha was excluded from as a girl growing up in Lahore. 

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Contemporary by Angela Li

Emerging artists from China and Hong Kong are in the spotlight at Contemporary by Angela Li’s booth at Art Central. The local gallery is exhibiting works by up-and-coming artists, namely Lv Shanchuan and Li Hongbo from China, alongside Jacky Tsai, Livy Leung, Kennis Chan, Edward Cheung and Reni Haymond from Hong Kong.

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Sims Reed Gallery

Sims Reed Gallery from London specialises in prints by Modern and contemporary artists. Prints are more affordable than original works, so are a great way to dip your toes into the world of art collecting.  Highlights at Sims Reed Gallery’s booth at Art Central include The Sower (1958) by Roy Lichtenstein and Study Of A Human Figure After Ingres (1984) by Francis Bacon.

The gallery is also showing prints by David Hockney, Josef Albers, Henri Matisse, Ed Ruscha, Cy Twombly and many more. 

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Soluna Fine Art

Soluna Fine Art, which opened a gallery in Hong Kong towards the end of last year, is showcasing the works of six contemporary artists from South Korea: Jang Young-Sook, Jeong Myoung Jo, Kim Yongchul, Lee Kang-hyo, Park Yoon-Kyung and Song Kwangik.

Many of these artists are deeply inspired by their homeland; Jeong Myoung Jo's paintings reference the traditional Korean Hanbok and ceramicist Lee Kang-hyo sculpts traditional Onggi pottery. 

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Flowers Gallery

Images by Hong Kong-based photographer Michael Wolf will be one of the highlights at Flowers Gallery’s booth, which features works by talented artists from all walks of life, including Boomoon, Nadav Kander, Peter Howson, Bernard Cohen and Jane Edden.

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