It’s the moment art lovers have been waiting for: Art Basel in Hong Kong—Asia’s leading art fair—is returning to Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from March 27 to 31. As Art Basel in Hong Kong opens its doors, we highlight 10 booths you should make a beeline for

Sprüth Magers

To complement its current all-women exhibition in Hong Kong—Eau De Cologne, which is taking place on the ground floor of H Queen's—Sprüth Magers' booth at Art Basel in Hong Kong is focused on pioneering female artists. Among them are Cindy Sherman, Barbara Kruger, Jenny Holzer and Rosemarie Trockel—all of whom have worked with the gallery for more than 30 years—and rising stars such as Pamela Rosenkranz, Analia Saban and Kaari Upson.

Especially for this fair, artist Louise Lawler has shrunk one of her wall-size murals into a new work that is being released in an edition of 20. All 20 of these works are glued to the walls of Sprüth Magers' booth at Art Basel in Hong Kong, though each will be removed from the wall as soon as it is sold. 

Lehmann Maupin

South Korean sculptor Do Ho Suh—who stars on the cover of Hong Kong Tatler's 2019 art supplement—is one of many artists in the spotlight at Lehmann Maupin's booth. Other leading artists featured include Kader Attia, whose thought-provoking work explores the impact of colonialism, photographer Catherine Opie and icon of feminist art Marilyn Minter

Inside its booth, Lehmann Maupin is hosting a Kabinett presentation dedicated to South Korean artist Lee Bul, who also created the 17-metre-long metallic zeppelin that's featured in the Encounters sector. 

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Empty Gallery

Hong Kong-based Empty Gallery is exhibiting the work of Tishan Hsu, a New York-based artist who was a star of the art scene in the 1980s and 1990s but totally dropped out of the public eye in the 2000s.

Empty Gallery is now putting him back in the spotlight, showing works from the 1980s and ‘90s in its booth at Art Basel in Hong Kong and unveiling never-before-seen new works in its gallery space in Aberdeen.

Ben Brown Fine Arts

Ben Brown Fine Arts, which has gallery spaces in Hong Kong and London, is perhaps best known for representing big-name artists such as Ron Arad, Candida Höfer and Gavin Turk.

But at this year’s Art Basel in Hong Kong, the gallerist is looking closer to home, and is dedicating his Kabinett presentation to his mother Rosamond Brown, an artist who has lived and worked in Hong Kong since the 1960s.

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Silverlens Gallery

Silverlens Gallery’s booth this year is themed around movement, whether that be something as small as a tapestry flapping in the wind or something as huge as a family uprooting their lives and moving across the world. The Manila-based gallery is showing respected artists such as Pacita Abad, Norberto Roldan, and Mit Jai Inn, as well as emerging artists whose works have been shaped by their decisions to emigrate from their homelands. 

Filipino-American artist Pacita Abad, who passed away in 2004, is presented in a Kabinett presentation in Silverlens Gallery's booth. 


It’s a family affair at Bank gallery, which is exhibiting minimalist paintings by Taiwanese artist Richard Lin, who died in 2011, alongside works by his nephew Michael Lin, a rising star of the country’s art scene.

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Nova Contemporary

Burmese artist Moe Satt is the subject of this solo booth hosted by Thai gallery Nova Contemporary. He's often praised for subtly exploring the the socio-political conditions in Myanmar in his art, which often takes the form of emotionally-charged, expressive performances. 

Kaikai Kiki

Takashi Murakami may be globally famous for his ubiquitous "Superflat" art, which has been transformed into cushions, clothes and more, but what many don't know is he's also the founder of his own art gallery: Kaikai Kiki.

Based in Tokyo, Kaikai Kiki champions the next generation of Japanese artists and has been instrumental in promoting artists such as Aya Takano, Mr. and Chiho Aoshima on the global stage. 

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Asia Art Center

Asia Art Center is transforming its booth into a recreation of the studio of Cheong Soo Pieng, a Mainland Chinese-born artist who moved to Singapore in the 1940s and became one of the founding fathers of Singapore’s contemporary art scene before he passed away in 1981.

Edouard Malingue Gallery

Hong Kong-based Edouard Malingue Gallery is showcasing a mix of local and international talents at its booth, ranging from Wong Ping, a Hongkonger best known for his bawdy animations, to Mainland Chinese painter Wang Zhibo to French conceptual artist Eric Baudart. 

The highlight of the booth, though, is an installation by Samson Young titled Music While You Work: a fully-functioning, driveable bumper car that's been transformed into an enormous sneaker. As the installation moves, it plays the theme song from the classic BBC radio programme Music While You Work, which was historically piped into factories around the UK in order to relieve workers' boredom and—employers' hoped—boost their productivity. 

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