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Chit Juan

Contributor | Tatler Philippines

Chit Juan is known as a traveller and the author of four books on coffee - Kape (2002), BARAKO (2005), Barista Manual (2012), and CACAO (2013) - but what she really has done is venture into business for everything she loves. In the 1980s, her entrepreneurial spirit paired with her love of music made her set up Tavern on the Square, a music lounge in Greenbelt, with a few of her friends. As the owner and founder of ECHOstore sustainable lifestyle, Chit expresses her passion for food and wellness. For her love of coffee, she set up the country's first coffee chain while helping promote Barako, and look at where it is today. Her latest trips take her around to promote Speciality Philippine Arabica beans and other environmental causes close to her heart while she imparts the knowledge she gains on wine and the world along the way.

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